Sunday 7 April 2013

New Blogs

Another month, another slew of new(ish) blogs that deserve your attention:

1. Fourth International Revolutionary Marxists (4I)
2. A Thousand Flowers (Unaligned/Feminist/LGBT)
3. Disillusioned Marxist (Unaligned)
4. Don't Mention the 47 (TUSC) (Twitter)
5. Fur Coat Nae Nicks (Unaligned)
6. Harlow Council Tax Benefit Rebels (Unaligned)
7. Howie's Corner (Unaligned)
8. Kwami Odoom (Unaligned) (Twitter)
9. PCS Croydon (PCS) (Twitter)
10. People's Plain Dealer (Unaligned) (Twitter)
11. Splogs (Unaligned/Teaching)
12. Sussex Against Privatisation (Unaligned/Occupy) (Twitter)
13. Tea and Solidarity (Labour) (Twitter)
14. The Daily Cameron (Unaligned)
15. The Red Needle (Unaligned) (Twitter)
16. To The Victor Go the Toils (Unaligned)
17. Unwarranted Self Importance (Unaligned)
18. What Stilli Did (Unaligned/Feminist) (Twitter)

If I was to single out one for special interest, it would be Howie's Corner. One does not have to agree with the politics to recognise the interesting alternative perspective he gives on the balance of forces within PCS and, IMO, a correct critique of the general strike posturing of much of its leadership.

Well, that's it for March/April. If you know of any new blogs that haven't featured before then drop me a line via the comments, email or Twitter. Please note I'm looking for blogs that have started within the last 12 months. The new blog round up is posted on the first Sunday of every month, and is also cross-posted to Socialist Unity.


Anonymous said...

Read 'Howie's Corner' with interest. A couple of points on the 'General Strike.' Firstly, none of the unions are suggesting anything like a real General Strike, as it's existed historically. A series of token 'one day' actions are suggested, after which the unions will return to the safe (and in my view pointless) territory of lobbying within the Labour party.
Whether these one day actions are a good idea is a reasonable subject for debate, but they're hardly a 'general strike.'

Phil said...

I know it's one day actions on the agenda and not a "real" general strike, but I am not convinced. It smacks of wishful thinking, of people mistaking where they want the labour movement to be as opposed to the real situation, the real balance of forces.

Howard Fuller said...

Many thanks for your recommendation for Howie's Corner.

It seems to have caused some consternation over on Socialist Unity, but that's life.

Phil said...

There are many who would do well to read a broad spectrum of opinion rather than that reflecting their own prejudices.