Wednesday 10 April 2013

Glenda Jackson on Margaret Thatcher


Anonymous said...

We watched the film "Spirit of 45" last night. Here's an interesting link

Glenda Jackson - could she be Britain's second woman PM?

Gary Elsby said...

We have a bizarre situation of this Labour Council shutting care homes because there is 'no other option' and then we have Ed Balls who demanding 'other options' to save the Country.

We know the left of the left reckon all Labour Leaders are traitors.

Glenda though gets it somewhat right but forgets that Margaret defended her class.

Watching Ed Miliband is like watching a nothingness with no ideas. The easily led pin al hopes on this nothingness being better than the somethings that also defend their class and cut the debts at the same time.

How do you know when you are in the presence of a dead head Labour supporter?

They tell you how bad the other person is.

Child poverty rose under Tony?

Phil said...

If Gary can't understand the very different room for manoeuvre a local authority and a national government have respectively, it's just as well the electorate have rejected him at the ballot box time and again.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a Food Bank website

Consider marking your donation "In Memory of Margaret Thatcher"

Gary Elsby said...

During Thatcher's tenure we slaughtered all comers at the ballot box.
We cut nothing and built everything.

It was a pleasure.
They hated us and we hated them back.
Liverpool got it wrong.

Today, this City hates Labour and will dispose of it at the next available opportunity.

Phil, you are too dumb to see the rise of the Independents.
Just too dumb.

Called the cops in yet? (not Fry).

Gary Elsby said...

Another thing about this 'Labour' Council (cowards and chickens)...

St. Michaels is closing and £2m is pumped into BUPA (Cobridge) to deal with the aftermath.

It's beyond this Labour Council to take the £2m and put it into St. Michaels. Too simple.

Gwen is recruiting 25 new carers to also pick up the mess being made.
How many carers have applied after 4 weeks of advertising?
3 cleaners said they will have a bash...but that is it.

What a shite Labour Party and Labour Council.

Simon Wooster said...

Very poor response from parliament (£4000 to say nice things about Maggie), the BBC (shutting down and deleting comments) and the monarchy (the Queen attending the funeral). What is left of our democracy?

Speedy said...

What i don't understand is that Glenda thinks Thatcherism ever went away - what was the Great Looting about if not the most eloquent expression of what England had become?

Phil said...

Gary, if a police investigation was happening concerning whatever issue is gripping your fevered imagination do you really think I'd be talking about it on this blog?

Second, once again, Gary can't tell the difference between the circumstances and social changes that have changed between the 80s and today, underlining - yet again - his unsuitability for office.

Gary Elsby said...

Phil, you are only told what they want you to hear.

I only became unsuitable when Mandy's 'friend' was jobless c/o comrades.

3 jail terms and by elections please Phil, preferably not together.
I wouldn't want to miss a free party, now would I?

The only difference between the 80's and today is that you didn't sell out in the 80's.

Couldn't resist.