Tuesday 13 November 2012

Zombie Regeneration

Zombies are not good for much. They're stupid, psychotic, and cannot be domesticated. Did I mention they smell really bad too?

But they are a profitable foil for the film and video game business. And, according to this innovative regen idea from Detroit, zombies could be an answer to that city's urban blight epidemic.


asquith said...

Just think, if they brought that in here it would be good practice for all the learner drivers in Middleport!

Phil said...

Once the council move out of Stoke, and supposing the civic and Spode remain unsold, that sounds like the perfect venue for our own mini- Z World.

Robert said...

Yanks also love vampires maybe the Zombies and vampires can start a political party.

Phil said...

I think it's becauise both sets of monsters speak to the particular individualism deeply embedded in American culture.

As it happens, there are two posts on this very site that touch on those points: