Friday 23 November 2012

Respect Yourself Leaflet

Cheers to LabourList for reproducing this "unofficial" Respect leaflet from the Rotherham by-election.

As election literature goes, it's not quite as bad as the worst election leaflet ever, but it's pretty close!

I don't think I've ever since such a naked display of communalism in British politics. It makes you wonder if, prior to their split, it was perhaps *the SWP* who anchored the project in reality. Bizarre.


Anonymous said...

Far from being anti-racist this document appears to incite further racial divisions. Is there not a legal requirement that material to be used in public must conform to any regulations?

Phil said...

Literature of this sort is expected to conform to the law governing all kinds of printed material. Apparently, Labour have asked the police to investigate.

Personally, I think they should be locked up for crimes against comedy. Ian MacSHAME? What a rib-tickler.

Andrew Coates said...

So you're back Phil! I thought you'd dropped the Blog.

Anyway, Ridley is (apart from the obvious) a supporter of private education (sends her offspring there).

There is of course the TUSC candidate in Rotherham to vote for.

Alex Dawson said...

I have it on fairly good authority that Ridley was, for a long time, an MI5 asset and may well still be.

Not a joke.

Chris said...

I have the TUSC candidates leaftlet, some teacher called Dyson, they are handing them outside the building where I work, which is in Rotherham.

I am white and personally I hope RESPECT win, we need a change a change from corrupt New Labour. MacShane was a first class fuckwit and a pro war tosser. The rest of the New Labour mafia are little better.

And the way Rotherham have implemented their cuts and their attitude to their staff is an absolute disgrace.

Having said all that, Labour will win in Rotherham! Gary Glitter would win in Rotherham if he was standing for Labour!

Phil said...

Indeed I am Coatesy, I couldn't keep my opinions bottled up inside forever.

There is, of course, the Labour candidate. Thanks to the boost UKIP will receive, the only way of keeping them out of the Commons is by supporting Labour.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, you should be made aware of the following (though I suspect being a New Labour toadie you already know about this),

"The fake 'Muslim' leaflet purportedly from Respect in the Rotherham by-election was exposed as a forgery to police long before 'Labour jumped in trying to make political capital'.

Yvonne Ridley, the party's candidate, was responding to a newspaper story and demands from New Labour that Respect disavow the crude forgery. 'This is the latest instalment in a dirty tricks campaign which has seen mail redirected, pressure put on venues to deny us use and blatant threats to taxi drivers that their licences would be pulled if they voted or campaigned for Respect,' she said.

Phil said...

If Ridley's clames of dirty tricks are indeed true, she should put up or shut up.

Quite how taxi drivers can have their licenses taken away if they vote Respect in a *secret ballot* is beyond me. But if those are the stories you want to tell yourselves when you don't win, that's fair enough.

And yes, of course I know this isn't an official Respect leaflet. No imprint for starters. But a wide circulation takes more than just one or two disgruntleds.

As the LabourList piece notes, Respect has a bit of form when it comes to this sort of thing.

Gary Elsby said...

Phil, I see you've re-posted my 2008 leaflet as the worst one ever.

Four years old and four years on.

The only differences from then and now is that you are a brand spanking new Labour member.

My views are the same and they have to be the same because in 2008 it was a prediction of what was to happen in my home town Of Stoke-on-Trent.

Labour fiddled and rigged elections, saw boundaries change (to remove opposition) and then as predicted, a Labour sweep of the City was made forcing out all other voices and orchestrated to sustain a discredited Elected Mayoral cohort in power.

What did they do with this power you so cherish Phil?

Read the leaflet (the worst prediction ever) to see what they now do in the name of 'Labour'.

The BBC4 three part documentary recently put out was horrific.
Care homes were first up.
Disabled kids came next.

Labour(elected Mayors soon to be booted out) started their closure programme (as instructed) in 2005 and today they blame Cameron.

Lies, as proven by the worst leaflet ever.

Phil, I'm well over being upset about Labour corruption and I quite enjoy burying Labour in Stoke on a daily basis.

Labour in Stoke is considered the 'worst Labour Party ever' and you belong to it.

Shame on you as the shame is all yours now.

I stood up to them then and stand up to them now.

Phil said...

Well Gary, I'm glad you stand by your leaflet. It's probably my all-time favourite too. It's just a shame I wasn't able to get hold of the one you put out in Baddeley, Milton and Norton last year but no matter. Your Springfields and Trent Vale leaflet satisfied the cravings I and a few followers of your work have.

Incidentally, faced with tens of millions of pounds worth of cuts, what would Council Leader Gary Elsby have done?

Gary Elsby said...

I would have considered closing a Labour flagship childrens centre, but would have had second thoughts if I met a protester.
I would have then closed an old people's home and invited 10 million people to see how I did this, without ever setting foot inside it (via a BBC team).
I would have then shut a kids park and shut a few swimming pools.

I would have then shook JVLs hand and congratulated him on his foaming youtube video speech which details a £100m cuts programme for Stoke-on-Trent.

I would have then ripped up my Labour membership card and killed myself as decency requires.

BTW, the instruction from Sandwell in 2005 was to close public service delivery and transfer it to the private sector.

At least now you know why certain people (cough) were stopped from appearing on the Labour stage.
We would have won and only vote rigging and perpetual new roles for the unwanted, stopped us.

Two years on we see the consequences.
Not the desire to close things but the sheer vacuum of the Labour membership silenced into silence as though protesting from the inside is a crime.

Not a word of protest from anywhere. Not a peep from a MP or member.
Not even a squeak from a newly appointed £20k+ per annum drunken Trot.

Labour will be destroyed in 2015 and a GE will not save it in S-o-T.

If you think I would have ceded a care home to 'cuts', then think again. Read my awful leaflets that speak nothing but the truth.

Phil said...

Once again Gary, what's your alternative to the programme currently being carried out by the City Council?

Reading your bluster, anyone would think you're very happy never to leave the luxury of opposition.

Gary Elsby said...

Programme 2 BBC4 saw Labour actually put out an alternative to its own hideous cuts agenda.

Why are you asking an amateur such as me to put out alternatives when that is the role of Labour?

What is the point of Labour?
btw Phil, what was it again I did in Springfields?
I was 2000 miles away and I took out the Labour candidate.