Thursday 1 November 2012

Lichfield Says No to iPad Ellis

Oh dear. It looks like Cllr Matthew Ellis's pledge to deck Staffordshire Police out with iPads has gone down like a cup of cold sick in his home town of Lichfield. For those not in the know, the Tories occupy 26 of Lichfield's city council's 28 seats, and is home to the very blond Michael Fabricant MP. The area is as pretty much a Tory heartland as you can get in Staffs. So for the below to yield the following result in a core stronghold is a bit of a blow for the Conservative campaign.

Press release 

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What would you spend £1.1 million on – Police Officers or iPads ?

Local Staffordshire activists asked the people of Lichfield whether they would like to spend £1.1 million on iPads as Conservative candidate for Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis has pledged, or on Police Officers as Labour’s Joy Garner would do. 49 out of 50 people voted to spend the money on Police Officers, not iPads.

Commenting on the decisive results of today’s poll, Labour's Joy Garner said,

"Today's result shows just how out of touch Matthew Ellis and the Conservatives are. Spending £1.1 million on iPads is not what the people of Staffordshire want. Like me they believe that we should spend the money on keeping bobbies on the beat.

“IPads are an expensive gimmick that Matthew Ellis's home town have rejected. If you want your hard-earned money spending on Police Officers not iPads vote Labour on November 15th."

Shoppers on Lichfield’s Market Street were polled this morning (30/10/12).

The people of Lichfield were asked to place a ball in one of two boxes. People had the choice of voting to spend £1.1 million on Police Officers, as Labour’s Joy Garner would do or voting to spend £1.1 million on iPads, as Conservative Matthew Ellis has pledged to do.

Matthew Ellis is Staffordshire County Councillor for Lichfield Rural East. This morning’s survey took place in Matthew’s home town.


Many thanks to Joy Garner's press team for that one.

NB The photo above really is from Matthew's website.


mark said...

Not really a fair poll was it.

It might be 1.1M this year on bobbies but are they getting the sack next year or is it 1.1M every year as opposed to a one off payment for the ipads.

Phil said...

While it's hardly scientific, the Tories and their supporters are welcome to repeat the exercise!

It will be a one off £1.1m payment, but where the money will come from, how it will be implemented, what happens with IT, updates, upgrades and, crucially, how police are supposed to hold them while out and about remain unanswered questions.

John O'Shea said...

iPads are hardly rugged enough or secure enough for police use. Lunatic idea to waste money.

darren redstar said...

I would rather have a iPad than a copper