Friday 16 November 2012

1,000 Posts

I can't Adam and Eve it. This post is literally the thousandth entry on this here blog! Now, that's a lot of bullshit.

So, by way of a celebration I've delved into the archives and dug out the ten most popular A Very Public Sociologist posts of all time. OF ALL TIME. What lucky people you are.

In reverse order, they are:

10. Top 100 Tweeting Bloggers 2010
9. Chris Bambery Resigns from SWP!
8. Melanie Phillips: Marketing Bigotry
7. Top 100 Worst Blogs Poll
6. Top 100 Dance Songs of the 90s
5. The UK's 100 Worst Political Blogs
4. Top 100 Dance Songs of the 00s
3. Raoul Moat, Gazza, and the Media Circus
2. Tommy Sheridan on Trial
1. The Perfect Vagina

Folks certainly like their lists!

Thanks for everyone's comments on and offline about this place and what gets posted here. Time, motivation and energy permitting, I hope it won't be another six years before the blog passes the 2,000 milestone.

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