Thursday 15 November 2012

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections


Robert said...

Nope I will not be voting for what has turned out to be another route for politicians, my local applicants two people standing one is a Lawyer and Tory, the other failed to get the MP labour seat in 2010 it went to a Labour party secretary.

I have no interest what so ever in more politicians when we need less.

Phil said...

I think what we need is better scrutiny and superior mechanisms of accountability for politicians.

But where it comes to the PCC elections, here in Staffordshire there is a clear choice. On the one hand you have a candidate who wants policing to fit public priorities, and another who wants to sack 34 coppers and replace them with iPads.

Robert said...

Labour very safe seat labour council labour MP although none of them are safe anymore as the majorities have been hit hard, we now have a Tory Police commissioners, which has flabbergasted labour.

All it means Labour failed to get out the voters, or the Tories had more voters who were interested

Phil said...

It's difficult to say. Traditionally, Tory voters are more likely to turn out than Labour ones, though this advantage is reversed when we get our supporters onto postal votes.

It's also complicated by the fact that the diehard turnouts aren't necessarily core voters from either of the parties. It's all a mess that will have the psephologists scratching their noodles for a while.