Wars and Revolutions

War and Terrorism
Propaganda and Ukraine
The Main Enemy is at Home
Making Sense of Nuclear Psychosis
A Case study in Decrepitude
Against Putin
The Politics of AUKUS
The Taliban and Self-Preservation
Afghanistan's Shadow
Top Gun
Thinking and Chewing Gum
Here Come the Cranks
The Grim Reality of Making Peace in Syria
Kim & Donald: A Love Story
Fisking Mark Wallace Fisking Young Labour
North Korea and Bad Faith
Donald Trump vs North Korea
Why Far Right Terrorism is on the Rise
Theresa May's Counter-Terrorism Shambles
Inside the Jihadi Mind
"Doing Something" about Syria
Learning from the Westminster Terror Attack
The Place of Religion in Peace and War
Notes on North Korea
Nuclear Nuance
Blair's Interventionism
Labour and Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament
21st Century Terrorism in Historical Context
The Anti-Imperialism of Fools
Simulating War Against Islamic State
After the Paris Attacks
Could Bombing Have Averted the Syrian Refugee Crisis?
Making Sense of North Korea
How Rambo Vs ISIS Could Be Very Good
Putin's Brinkmanship
Je Suis Charlie and Hypocrisy
What Makes Someone Murder Cartoonists?
Nazi Megastructures

Bombing ISIS: A Question
Why Islamic State Kills Hostages
On Bombing ISIS
Why the Great War Was Not Stopped
When Genocide is Permissible
Does Israel "Cause" Anti-Semitism?
Why Was the Malaysian Airliner Shot Down?
The Iraq Debacle
Ukraine: A Thought Experiment
What's the End Game for Ukraine?
Ukraine and the Threat of War
Niall Ferguson's Alternate Great War
Poppy Conformity
Syria: Three Questions for Vince Cable
Syria: After the Commons Defeat
Syria: The Path to Hell
North Korea and the Drums of War
February 15th, 2003
Remembering Stalingrad
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea?
No to War Against North Korea

Cheering State Thuggery in Belarus
The End of Stalinism
Hailing and Heeding Red October
Taking Sides on Venezuela
Farewell Fidel
Syriza's Interesting Allies
Syriza and Us
Cuba After the Blockade
Nigel Farage on Invading Imperial Germany

A Note on the Ukrainian Revolution
Mandela the Revolutionary
Egypt's Day of Terror
Early Soviet Diplomacy
Egypt: Why Morsi Fell
Statement of the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt
Egypt: Revolution, Democracy and Stability
Egypt's Day of Rage
Tunisia: A Domino Falls
The Iranian Revolution
Bolivia and Revolution
Chile: Reform and Revolution
The French Revolution
Remembering May '68
Venezuela and Socialism
Debating the Russian Revolution