Friday 1 September 2023

Five Most Popular Posts in August

We might be in the first day of meteorological Autumn, but the sun always shines on this blog. As these most popular posts from last month attest.

1. The Repeated Surrender to Tory Framing
2. A Comment on Political Commentary
3. Does Greatness Await the Greens?
4. Keir Starmer's Radicalism
5. The Entitled End of Nadine Dorries

Critical Keir studies win out in the popularity stakes once again. As if to underline it, my piece from last night on Starmerism's divided base almost made its way on to the monthly list. I digress. Top of the pops was my piece looking at how Starmer has capitulated to Tory framing on every contentious issue, which is far worse than how Tony Blair handled Labour's approach to the 1997 election. He did at least have some things to say, as well as being unsparing in his criticisms. In at number two is one of an occasional series surveying the state of mainstream political commentary. Which typically describes, offers a little bit of gossip, and then reinforces one or more dominant frames for interpreting what's going on. Those who get paid for this really do steal a living. In third is the long-promised piece on the Green Party, but with attention paid to how they are carving up Tory seats at the local level. How does this fit in with my argument that they're well placed to do well out of Labour when Starmer is in Number 10? Speak of the devil, he's back at number four with a survey of his radicalism. It does exist, honest! And lastly, some Tory content brings up the rear with the long dance of Nadine Dorries's will-she-won't-she resignation finally leaving the stage.

As ever, let's have a couple more that didn't make the list. Going into recent history, let's have some of that ULEZ goodness. Or, to be more precise, petit bourgeois opposition to it. Therein also resides a warning for Labour. And let's get a bit chin-strokey and revisit Mario Tronti's interview on defeat.

Did I fail to mention the 2nd edition of my book came out on the 29th? I did. If you didn't read Falling Down, then The Party's Over is the book for you. Read all about it before you read it!

No idea what's happening next month, but the good news is (or bad news, depending) is that my writing mojo has returned and all being well there will be a touch more content to reflect on at the end of September. If you haven't already don't forget to follow the free weekly (mostly) newsletter, and if you like what I do (and you're not skint), you can help support the blog. Following me on Twitter and Facebook are cost-free ways of showing your backing for this corner of the internet.

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