Wednesday 13 September 2023

Exhibiting Capitalist Class Consciousness

There I was talking about class and exodus the other day, and how the government's Covid strategy was driven by the preservation of class relations, and then comes along this prick who, on behalf of global capital, says the quiet part out loud.

Tim Gurner sits on top of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property, and previously went viral several years ago for advising young Australians to stop eating avocado on toast if they want to buy their own home. As a self-confessed "bio-hacker", among his business interests is an anti-ageing clinic that offers its gullible patrons the opportunity to shower in vitamin C-infused water. And have a concierge iron their clothes. This is piloting a concept for roll out in his future luxury developments. For most the hit drama Succession was a satire but for those with the fattest wallets, it was a vision.

It's a point worth reflecting on. The more socially useless and unnecessary a capitalist, the more vicious, uncompromising, and bold they are in stating their class interests.


Phil said...

Our friend regrets his comments. You bet he does.

Anonymous said...

That charming piece of work made the mistake of saying the quiet part out loud whilst being Australian. He got his knuckles rapped by both of the status quo parties. Over here, I'm sure that he'd at least get weasel words from the Tories, and quite possibly from Labour too these days.

Will his words be acted upon? Probably less than they would otherwise be, if his stalking horse had attracted any political cover. Score one for Australian voters.

In other news that may interest our host, check out how the government have screwed up their optics on what should have been an easy win with one of their current core target demographics (white racists):

Ken said...

I read a long article about the Australian economy which argued that it had declined in innovation, it’s economy now floating above the high prices for primary products. The head of some departments for innovation had denied it; I paraphrase.

Who says that innovation in Australia is dead? We “invented” avocado on toast!