Friday, 19 August 2022

Mark Fisher: An Introduction

This 20 minute overview from the Acid Horizon comrades is excellent. Well worth a listen.

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Blissex said...

"Capitalist realism" is pretty much indeed "There Is No Alternative", which is one of the favourite points of "centrists".

But that is quite different from knowing that the current system is not forever because nothing is plus fighting for a better (social-democratic) deal within the current capitalist system, and merely pursuing the end of this system with a "the worse the better" attitude. "Reformism" actually can be a step towards a better system, rather than something that prolongs the current system.

Even if we were sure that the current capitalist system would end in 10 years rather than in 100 or 1,000, I think that fighting for a better deal in those 10 years would be worthwhile.
I really hope that there is something in between "centrist" opportunism and "one last heave" adventurism.