Sunday, 7 August 2022

Iceland Volcano August 2022

When most education establishments were shut in Spring 2021, I got a little bit obsessed with something: the Fagradalsfjall eruption in Iceland. I found it soothing watching the volcano build itself up from small spatter cones to a lava geyser to a meaty shield volcano. And then it died just at the end of the summer just as the new term started and we all headed back to the coalface. Almost a year on, and just a stone's throw from where the old monster sleeps the ground has opened and magma has gushed out again. This time, the new eruption is pumping out three to four times more cubic metres of molten rock than last year's eruption and is threatening to fill the valleys its predecessor started working on. The site is about 20 miles from Reykjavik, is relatively remote, and chances are as the lava makes its way toward the sea it will give locals' homes a miss. The highway that wraps around the Icelandic coast? Probably not so lucky.

Anyway, here's some drone footage from a regular at this eruption and the last. It is absolutely stunning.

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