Wednesday 1 December 2021

Five Most Popular Posts in November

That's 2021's penultimate month done, so what did the business round these parts for the last 30 days? Look no further:

1. The North Shropshire Stitch-Up
2. The Myth of the Good Tory
3. Is Left Media in Decline?
4. Cynically Exploiting Antisemitism
5. The Crumbling Blue Wall

There might come a time when Keir Starmer does zero stupid things over the course of a month, but here we are again with the completely unnecessary stitch up of a parliamentary by-election Labour has only an outside chance of winning. This stitch up, readers will recall, is despite the passing at Labour conference of a motion specifically designed to prvent such things from happening. What point is there for the party rulebook - except to keep the members in line? Other items that caught the passing fancy of internet travellers in November was a consideration of the never-ending centrist desire to identify and stan the "good Tory". It's not a mystery - all the answers are contained in that post. There was also a brief meditation on the fortunes of the sites that used to collectively be known as the "alt-left", a re-visiting of the use of antisemitism for Labour factionalism, and a chin stroker on why some sections of the Tory press are queasy about Boris Johnson and have turned against him. What more could anyone want from a blog?

Hanging around hoping for a second chance this month is the piece on Donna Haraway's cyborg manifesto - something I returned to again recently as part of a social theory module I run for the day job. Perhaps I'll re-return to it over the quiet Christmas period when there's nothing on the telly. And because I can, to round things off here yet another example of the Labour leader's utter pettiness.

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