Wednesday 15 December 2021

Capitalism Vs Covid Shutdowns

Give this excellent discussion with Adam Tooze a listen. And if you're able, please help support Alex's work here.

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Blissex said...

I was just reading the usual "The Guardian" and there are articles that manage to make no mention of test-trace-isolate:

* Owen Jones, "With Tories in revolt, Labour can push them to better protect the public from Covid"
* Rafael Behr, "For Starmer, the best way to take Johnson down right now may be to agree with him"
* Chaand Nagpaul, "Boosters are not enough: Britain needs a strong, immediate plan for infection control"
* Larry Elliott, "Britain must find a new way out of its Covid doom loop"

These make no mention at all of the test-trace-isolate based alternatives and how those have resulted in 10-100 times lower death rates.

Even better, look at these detail quotes:
throughout the pandemic, both Labour and Tory focus groups report voters complaining that the opposition carps from the sidelines without explaining what it would do instead. By putting further policies in place, Starmer looks like a proactive leader, unlike his reactive counterpart.

As if New Labour would dare to be disloyal to the "Washington Consensus" of "fatalistic liberalism”.
There is a better and readily available solution: mobilise action at a global level to ensure vaccination rates in the poorer parts of the world match those in the developed west. [...] It is also worth considering what the alternatives are, because none are particularly attractive. One option is to lock down the country at the first sign of a new variant, no matter what the cost to the economy, education, mental health and personal liberty. Another is to accept a higher mortality rate from Covid-19 as a price that has to be paid, with the hope that continued improvements in treatments for those who fall seriously ill mean the number of deaths fall over time. In reality, Britain is stuck somewhere between these two extremes.

Only two alternatives: test-trace-isolate has been disappeared. Sure vaccination is important, it is not just marketing for Pfizer (note how Elliott does not mention the large "deviant" vaccination programs from "enemy" countries), but containment with test-trace-isolate is also important, Too bad it is too "socialist" for most "Washington Consensus" countries (and even outside it, like Russia).