Sunday 16 May 2021

Eurovision Preview 2021

I've waited three years for this. Can you believe it? Boycotting Eurovision in 2019 and then having matters cancelled by the pandemic last year, it seems a long time since this here blog showcased the tunes due on everyone's favourite sing song extravaganza. And how's the field looking this year? Not too bad, actually. Not sure if there are any stone cold Eurovision classics among the roster but why don't you decided for yourself?

To placate the Eurovision gammons, let's begin with the UK entry.

You know what? James Newman's 2021 entry is much better than the dreary dross he punted forward last year. Upbeat, jaunty, contemporary with the kind of hook that plays well in the 10 second Spotify preview, I'm not going to say it will do well. But it is a respectable affair.

With duty to the country done, what else grabs? In terms of pure catchiness, there is Efendi from Azerbaijan. See what you think:

Normally I can't abide this sort of stuff, but there's something about how this song fits together. Naturally, it nods towards what would have been Efendi's entry last year. Same style, same energy, but is much better. This will go down well and is a contender for the crown.

How about something a little more conventional and Western? Here's Cyprus's Elena Tsagrinou.

If it isn't Lady Gaga's oeuvre wrapped around Rita Ora's Anywhere. El Diablo has the characteristics of a Eurovision crowd pleaser. The only issue I have with it is the song is unnecessarily cut short by the timing rules the contest imposes on entrants. A shame as you're left with the feeling it's only four fifths there. Not to worry, this is sure to get more than the ritual 12 points from Greece.

Every year has to have a comedy entry, which typically range from clever satire to try hard. This year, Germany's Jendrik try their hand at this dubious sub-genre.

Hmm, okay. I Don't Feel Hate is certainly zany, man, but the tune deserves props for trying something different. The last time Germany did with their mockney Lily Allen alike with Lena in 2010, they struck big. Will they again?

Honourable mentions have to be covered too. If there are any fans of crossover black metal/nu metal reading this, Finland has a treat for you in the shape of Dark Side by Blind Channel. In 2021 it's Norway's turn to sing about angels, so here's TIX with Fallen Angel. And though Italy are tipped to win this year by the bookies (why?), Malta's Destiny and their tune Je Me Casse has most view on YouTube. What do you think?

But what's the top tune in your pop picker's preferences? Why, it's Lithuania's The Roop with Discoteque. Enjoy!

Eurovision lands next Saturday, but don't forget the heats on Tuesday and Thursday on BBC Four at 8pm.

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Anonymous said...

If Nu Labour can make a comeback, why not Nu Metal? There must be at least as many people eagerly awaiting the next Limp Bizkit album as there are desperate to vote for the proteges of Peter Mandelson. Just because it was largely shit even then and now it's two decades out of date doesn't mean we should treat it as "an embarassing aunt"! Incidentally, what problem does Peter Mandelson have with his aunt? I mean that's not a phrase that's in general circulation, is it?