Tuesday 2 April 2019

The Case Against Borders

Banter and Brexit aren't two things that often go together, but wouldn't it be one of life's great ironies if Theresa May's negotiated Brexit with Jeremy Corbyn and Labour ends up with the Nick Boles Norway option that preserves freedom of movement?

Speaking of which, here's the latest Politics Theory Other episode. In this one Alex interviews Bridget Anderson on the case against borders, what is and isn't a migrant, and much else besides. As ever the conversation is through-provoking and interesting. Give it a listen! And, as always, if you've got a few quid to spare please help support new left media.


Boffy said...

May's offer is obviously a trap and a ploy. Its a continuation of the ploy used on Friday, where the Tories took the fact that, as John Heeley and other front benchers have admitted, and as I said a few weeks back, Labour's position is all but identical to May's Withdrawal Agreement.

May dared, therefore, Corbyn to refuse to support the Withdrawal Agreement that Labour says "it has no problems with". Now she is using Corbyn as cover, and running down the clock further to avoid hold EU elections. Then the UK will have no choice but to leave, and as Labour will not allow a No Deal Brexit, she will have forced them to vote for her deal to avoid it simply by holding out the prospect to Corbyn that she might agree to a Customs Union and alignment to the Single Market, but which she will never do, because it would destroy her party.

She thinks Corbyn will accept, because she knows he supports Brexit, and will himself look for any way out of holding another referendum, or cancelling Brexit.

Anonymous said...

It amuses me how people like boffy who say they want to 'smash the state' make such impassioned arguments in favour of the mother of all bourgeois super states that is the EU! Talk about revolutionary phrase mongers!

Boffy said...

I see that the troll anonymous/DFTM/BCFG/CAAC/Sentinel to name but a fw of his multiple personalities still has a bee in their bonnet about me.

I suppose I should be flattered that I have obviously got under their skin that they should follow me around the Internet, wasting so much of their lives writing mindless crap trying to provoke a response from me, especially as they should know by now that there is not a cat in hell's chance of me ever knowingly responding to anything they might write, using whatever ludicrous pseudonym they choose to use.