Wednesday 1 November 2017

Five Most Popular Posts in October

The five most read posts last month were,

1. Guido Fawkes: Troll and Hypocrite
2. Corbynism and the White Heat of Technology
3. Neoliberalism and the Battle of Ideas
4. Oxbridge and the Reproduction of the Ruling Class
5. After the Worst Speech Ever

Readers might recall last month's moan about the triple whammy of Google and Facebook changes, plus a ban from the latter for sharing stuff (why have a share function?). As we stand at November's commencement, I'm happy to report last month did better than I'd dared hope. Overall, some 157,000 page views were clicked over, figures far from shabby as far as the history of this blog was concerned.

Certainly the Guido post helped. Who'd have thunk there was a demand for a one stop shop of Paul Staines's past misdeeds? I'll take it nonetheless. Corbynism and Neoliberalism put in respectable showings, with a bit of pop Bourdieu and Theresa May's absolute car crash bringing up the rear. I recall a time when anything about the SWP used to top the monthly charts, so to see people come here because they find something else interesting is a touch gratifying.

Does anything deserve a second glance? Certainly. The Halloween special looking at Tory phantasmagoria deserves a wider audience, thwarted as it is thanks to the latest Facebook sharing ban. Read the post Mark Zuckerburg doesn't want you to see!

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