Wednesday 1 November 2017

Can You Help?

Don't you just love Facebook? By 'love', I actually mean hate. And because of them I am forced to come cap in hand to you.

Since June I've regularly shared material from this blog via Facebook. I like to think the odd interjection of hard thinking from the hard left has helped brighten a few timelines amid pictures of dinner, rubbish memes and selfies. This has been done by sharing posts via the All That Is Solid Facebook page and posted onto an array of politics groups, most of which are Labour and pro-Corbyn. 

Yes, there is no point in lying, these efforts were about building the readership. And they are necessary. The semi-conspiratorial thinking and unreflective partisanship of of the new left media are not showing much sign of advancing an analysis beyond he-said/she-said and examples of Tory hypocrisy. As The Canary's proprietor herself has said, they consciously aim for the reading comprehension age of an eight year old. At this juncture of a growing and confident movement, we must go beyond this pretty drab goodies vs baddies fare.

The hunger for deeper, thoughtful contributions and takes on the state politics is presently too small. If we are to realise the potency of this moment it has to grow. Via Facebook groups, this blog has started reaching a larger audience. And as they grow so more people are being persuaded of the necessity for a materialist, sociological approach to understanding the world. Except Facebook has decided for the third time to prevent me from sharing material to these groups. Their latest ban is due to expire in 12 days' time. There is no appeal, no - according to Facebook themselves - way of reversing the ban, and no accountability whatsoever.

Therefore I need assistance, again. As per my previous appeal, you can keep your purses and wallets in their usual resting place. There's no need to click through to your PayPal account. To get around the blockade, the blog needs your likes, your shares, and your follows. Can you help?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If I didn't know you better (or know your online manifestation better, anyway), I might suspect that you're being a bit shy about explaining the reason that Facebook has put you on the naughty step.

I don't use Facebook myself but from what I understand they tend to give a reason when they banish people, even temporarily. Just curious.

There's potentially a blog post, I think, in your thesis of 'immaterial labour' as applied to freely donating one's work (and/or a continuous stream of saleable personal data) to Zuckercorp Global Operations.