Wednesday 13 April 2016

Markus Schulz feat Ana Diaz - Nothing Without Me

Pity the poor souls I'll find huddled in the classroom 9am tomorrow morning. Not only do they have to listen to me drone on for three hours about a select topic (Week 11: Sexual Harassment), I am cruel enough to subject them to my music taste. Each week I pick out a video and in a quick exercise they're invited to tease out the plot, specify how gender and sexuality is performed, and note anything else of interest. This was going to be tomorrow's choice but, meh, while it's a great song (my number four of 2012) the vid is a touch depthless. I'll park it here anyway.

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Ali said...

Really? This, along with all of Adele's songs don't indicate that stalkerish behaviour is an acceptable point of view in women's songs but would be creepy beyond imagination if a man wrote it? Adele's latest "I've been here alone all night watching you" would see a man (possibly Andy Kershaw) locked up