Thursday 21 April 2016

A Tribute to Prince

Growing up in the 1980s, there were huge pop megastars. There was Madonna, Michael Jackson, and there was Prince. Madge and Jacko were total tabloid favourites. Madonna for her colourful private life and ceaseless assaults on hypocritical sexual conventions. Michael for his eccentric behaviour which, as we know, later took a darker turn. And there was Prince, whose aloof and controlled persona managed the trick of object-of-media-fascination without having his life splashed across the front pages. Of the three, he arguably preferred to let the music do the talking, and the image rode to popular consciousness off the back of their pull.

Like Bowie, I wasn't what you'd describe as a fan. But as per the aforementioned, Prince was always in the background, a celebrity deity who'd remind you of his existence on occasion, and latterly soundtrack the odd YouTube or Spotify splurge. This is why his premature passing will be a wrench for a lot of people, regardless of whether his music plays a big part in their lives or not. 

What a terrible shame.


asquith said...

Many a night I'd get completely shedded in the downstairs bar at KUSU (not even sure if that exists any more) and drink a cocktail called purple rain, God knows what was in it but it was second only to whatever the hell it was that they dished up at Horwood Bar on Tuesdays.

I remember in around 2007, drunkenly listening to the Keele World Today lectures and going back afterwards and getting more drunk. So I've got out my emergency Polish vodka and raised a glass to the man, and another to Liz on her 90th birthday.

asquith said...

oops, that was the wrong link.

Gary Elsby said...

I thought Michael was cleared of all kidnapping and sexual assault claims?
I thought the video evidence which the court accepted was enough to clear him?
You write of a 'darker turn'.
Did we miss something?

I watched the OJ Simpson vs the people (interesting title), all 10 episodes. If you missed it, I would highly recommend it.
Based on all the evidence given, it was obvious that the jury were to give a not guilty verdict.
In a case such as this, the highest ever profiled trial, the jury is expected to be out for many weeks. They came back after 4 hours.
I agree with the verdict.