Friday 1 April 2016

Five Most Popular Posts in March

The five most-read last month were ...

1. Expelling Gerry Downing
2. On Iain Duncan Smith's Resignation
3. Jeremy's List
4. Is Jeremy Corbyn an Effective Leader?
5. The Slow Death of the Tory Party

"Proper" political writing ruled the roost in March, hurrah! There probably would have been more posts to pick through but the flu and a general feeling of couldn't-be-arsed prevented this blog's word factory from operating normally. Will the blogging mojo be back for April? We shall see.

If you want to scope out a post deserving of a second chance (of course you do), I've plucked the latest in my series of posts on Nicos Poulantzas out for an additional airing. Poulantzas, Althusser, and Ideology does pretty much what it says on the tin. Enjoy!

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