Thursday 15 May 2014

Stoke Central Labour Party Arrives

On that there Twitter?

Want all the latest Labour info from Stoke-on-Trent, the axis around which world politics pivots?

Then this might turn out to be the best news you've seen all year:

You know what to do. Press follow. Get your friends to press follow.


Gary Elsby said...

Why is the Labour leaflet that came through my door the worst leaflet ever written anywhere in the world?
Do not be surprised if no one at all votes Labour based on that garbage.
Europe is quite an important issue you know.

Phil said...

Perhaps the Labour Party should engage you to write its leaflets. After all, you are an expert! ;)

Just out of interest Gary, have you made your mind up which way you'll be voting next week - if at all?

Gary Elsby said...

I am in a dilemma regarding my EU vote.
I am pro European so I can vote for anyone other than the BNP and UKip.

The Tories will embrace Europe wholeheartedly once they have disposed of UKip but I won't be voting there.
Labour is the natural place but I note their cowardice on the subject.
The Liberals are the only party embracing Europe fully and offered up a Leader to openly fight for it.
I'm in a dilemma.

Robert said...

Being knee jerk pro EU makes no more sense than Ukip's attitude given what the EU has become.