Thursday 1 May 2014

Five Most Popular Posts for April

The five most popular posts of the month were:

1. A Defence of the SWP
2. UKIP's Turn to the Workers
3. What is Len McCluskey Trying to Achieve?
4. Peaches Geldof and Celebrity
5. UKIP, Politics and Populism

That hundreds and hundreds and hundreds flock to read stuff about the SWP never ceases to amaze me. What is it about our movement that causes disproportionate numbers of fine activists, socialists and not a few keyboard class warriors to pour over what is a diminutive and rapidly diminishing political party? It would take me a while with my finest sociology hat on to come up with a plausible explanation. Nevertheless, while the SWP deserve almost everything coming to them turning over party stalls and trying to 'no platform' them is probably the silliest indulgence Britain's motley collection of anarchists have come up with for some time. And they wonder why it's never taken off as a movement here.

A solid showing from UKIP-related things this month too. Small wonder, Their prominence is a cause for concern. Who knows, it might prompt a few who are horrified at what British politics is becoming to spend last time tweeting and more time getting on the doors.

There are a couple of things deserving of a second look this month. As you may have noticed, there's been a spring clean hereabouts. The old name's gone and something better sits in its place. Here's the rationale. The other is, unsurprisingly, my long piece from last week on Post-Marxism. This just missed out on a place in the top five, but will probably become one of those slow burners piling up views over the years. I quote like it too, even if I did write it myself.

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