Friday 7 December 2012

Show Some Respect

No sooner has it been announced that the nurse who took that prank radio call was found dead earlier today, the Twitterati have been piling in with the glee of the ignorant and the self righteous.

Quite possibly the worst contribution I've seen is the following (I've kept the author anonymous to protect him from his own stupidity). He wrote "I hope those Australian DJs have a guilty conscience for the rest of their lives. Disgusting. #RIP" 

No doubt the DJs in question will thanks to the efforts of dumb, callous comments like this. You've got to ask what's going on in someone's head that makes them want to use the death of another human being to lash out at others they have no connection to, and are guilty of nothing more than pulling off a successful prank against the royal household.

If people really gave a shit about the poor woman who died, they should shut the fuck up. No one knows what was going on in her life, full stop. FFS, we don't even know if the woman is a victim of suicide. All we do know is someone has passed away under apparently tragic circumstances, and that the family and friends she leaves behind will be grieving. If anyone properly cares they will respect her memory and allow the people who knew her to come to terms with their loss. The rest can wait for the inquest.

Anything on top of that, the speculation, the axe-grinding, it's more than distasteful. It's downright sick.

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