Thursday 13 December 2012

Majority Against Benefit Cuts Graph

Wow. Just the other day, I was writing about how Labour must oppose benefit cuts, despite it being unpopular. The party must always seek to lead public opinion rather than pander to it, in my humble opinion.

However, I am very pleased to see the Ipsos-MORI poll (H/T LabourList) has turned political common sense on its head. Far from EdM being estranged from the public's thinking, it turns out our gilded chancellor is the one who is out of touch.

This is very welcome news. It underlines the stand Labour has made on Gideon's real term cuts to benefits, and, once again, enhances EdM's reputation as a shrewd operator.

If there is no electoral mileage in the Tories bashing the poor, who will they turn on instead?


Gary Elsby said...

Should your benefits be cut?

Should the benefits of scroungers be cut?

British jobs for British workers.

Immigrants should speak English.

UKip rules.

Phil said...

Ummm, yeah.

Gary Elsby said...

I really can't help it Phil, if you are unable(or unwilling to displease) basic simple data.
loaded questions always require loaded answers, as the setters would similarly be displeased.

Benefit cuts and a requirement to speak English, similar to Brown's British jobs.....etc speech bores the socialist pants off me.

You write of 'leading'.
Not hard at all.

Phil said...

I really don't understand your point, Gary.

Gary Elsby said...

Everything coming out of the spawn of Ralph is playing ping pong with UKip and Farage.

Everyone must now speak English (Miliband) and if memory serves me right, it's British jobs for British workers'(Brown).

Gee up.

You now set upm a blog stating: 'Labour must oppose benefit cuts'

I'd vote for you Phil!

One simple question Phil.
Who actually is in recipt of benefits in the UK?
Note the answer in the graph.

Phil said...

But EdM isn't arguing the same points as UKIP or the hard right of the Tories. It is his strategy as part of the 'one nation' branding to take on the issues where the right are strong, as I noted previously. If you cannot tell the difference I suggest you assess your powers of comprehension.

As for the rest, you're still making no sense.

Gary Elsby said...

You believe that the best way to counteract the UKip message is for Labour to hold the front line on racism?
British jobs for British workers?
Nick or Enoch?
Everyone must speak English?
Alf Garnett?
Pitiful gutter politics.

You are right,I fail tocomprehend your argument and I remain baffled to the link of Ed's speech championing Britain's cause for Europe. I don't disagree with the stance at all.

Your graph actually shows a majority line for inflation led benefits which shows support for benefits and by the majority that receive them in the UK.
Most people in the UK are in receipt of some sort of benefit, and therefore it would be quite ridiculous to suggest that any cohort would support a cut.

This is why I found your title 'Labour MUST.....' really quite funny.
As they say in the finer circles I attend....duh.

Phil said...

No Gary, I don't think those things. And you know I don't.

I know this may come as a surprise to you, but it is received political wisdom that most people are chillaxed with benefit cuts - hence the two posts aiming to scotch that received "common sense".