Sunday 2 December 2012

New Blogs

Please find below the latest crop of new(ish) left, radical and labour etc. blogs from the last 18 months. All of these are worth some of your time.

1. Another Angry Woman (Anarchist/Feminist) (Twitter)
2. Anti-Capitalist Initiative (Anti-Capitalist Initiative) (Twitter)
3. Anti-Workfare (Anti-Workfare)
4. Big Chief Tablets (Unaligned) (Twitter)
5. Camden Trades Council (TUC)
6. Defy the Economy (Unaligned) (Twitter)
7. Feminist Events (Unaligned/Feminist) (Twitter)
8. Grahame Morris MP (Labour) (Twitter)
9. Hatful of History (Unaligned) (Twitter)
10. Jane Burnell (Labour) (Twitter)
11. Jason E Cooper (Unaligned) (Twitter)
12. Jim Jepps (Unaligned) (Twitter)
13. Labour Left (Labour) (Twitter)
14. Littleworth Labour (Labour)
15. Mispolitics (Labour) (Twitter)
16. Sandra Leaton Gray (Unaligned) (Twitter)
17. Social Investigations (Unaligned) (Twitter)
18. Stafford Labour (Labour) (Twitter)
19. There Is No Alternative (Unaligned)
20. Vox Political (Unaligned/Disability Rights) (Twitter)

That's it for November/December. If you know of any new blogs that haven't featured before then drop me a line via the comments, email or Twitter. Please note the next one will be accepting entries only from the last 12 months. The new blog round up is posted on the first Sunday of every month, and is also cross-posted to Socialist Unity.


Jim Jepps said...

Thanks! I find these really useful and always add a few blogs to my feed from these lists.

Unknown said...

Hi phil. its not political well i guess it depend but riss at keele are trying to engage pgrs and research and networks. One thing is twitter @keelelinks and the other is the blog

Evan said...

Thanks for this, Phil. Looks like I'm with a good cohort of new bloggers!

Phil said...

I'll have a gander and mull of that Sarah.

Calum Martin said...

Can I just say you run a great blog, Phil.

Hopefully one day, new blog:

will be even half as good! Primarily Scottish, left wing blog. If asked in terms of political alignment, it's supportive of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP), though not one of their official ones. The posts making this support clearer are still being worked on.

All the best to you!