Wednesday 12 December 2012

Oblivion, or, The Ruins of Future Earth

Oblivion is the next Tom Cruise vehicle. It looks rather nice.

Tom Cruise is a silly man with even sillier beliefs. But he has appeared in some intelligent and relatively plausible science fiction flicks over the years, and this must count as his first foray into the post-apocalypse (War of the Worlds is firmly in 'apocalypse now' territory).

Oblivion is chock full of the sublime aesthetic of reclaimed, deserted cityscapes; and the ergonomically terrific death-dealing drones are suitably Apple-esque. It's the Futurist Manifesto on screen - a cinematic invitation to gawp at the beauty of war.

The plot, such as it is, appears a variation on the Morlock/Eloi theme with aliens and robotic hunter/killers thrown into the mix. Entirely coincidentally I'm sure, it could easily lend itself to a first-person shooter video game adaptation too.

It's due out next April. I think this blog will be going to the cinema then.

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