Sunday 19 September 2010

25 Things ...

Cheers to Louise for posting this. As Sundays are the day for memey posts I thought I'd have a go too. The objective, she writes, is to rustle up "a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you." Here goes ...

1. There was a member of the SWP in my sociology class at college. He never tried selling the paper and was more interested in talking about Nottingham Forest.
2. My nana and grandad's house were one of the few places around my ex-pit village you could see Tory literature on display at election time.
3. The first time I got drunk was in December 1993. I can remember it (fairly) clearly.
4. On firsts ... the first Labour meeting I went to was in 1996. The chair opened with the words "if we don't win the election, there's no point being in the Labour Party". He subsequently went on to become a party full timer.
5. Our cat is ridiculously vocal.
6. For a brief period in my early teens I was attracted to fascism. Watching a single interview with John Tyndall was enough to convince me the errors of my ways.
7. I used to hide my money box underneath my bottom drawer.
8. I'm joining the ranks of the aspiring petit bourgeoisie and going into business!
9. To my eternal shame, I really like watching Starcraft II
10. I have never lived alone.
11. On a Thursday afternoon at college, 'Don' Andy, Ledge, and myself repaired to the library to flick through copies of
Stern and read up on European and colonial history.
12. Well into my 20s my mum kept insisting on giving me £3/week pocket money.
13. We got married in Las Vegas at the Little White Wedding Chapel.
14. Sometimes wish I'd paid more attention to physics and maths and gone down the astrophysics/astronomy route.
15. For about a year I used to drink a three litre bottle of Old English before going out, followed by four or five pints of Scrumpy. Without fail I would spend a portion of the next few hours hunched over a toilet bowl.
16. When I was about eight I had an argument with a car parked on the pavement. It left me with a hole in my forehead big enough to stick your thumb in (or so my folks say).
17. From the age of about 15 I began seeing myself as some sort of socialist.
18. We held our engagement do at a local balti house.
19. In my four years as a Socialist Party member I never met Peter Taaffe.
20. There was a point when willfully stupid and mistaken criticisms of Marx used to massively wind me up.
21. When I was about 15 I passed up the chance of going to a 'cool kids' house party for a night at some weird Christian event with the class's token religious girl. I didn't even fancy her.
22. Spent an evening at a rave in Amsterdam in the company of Workers' Power.
23. Failed my driving test four times :(
24. If I could have my time blogging again, I'd call this place '... well grubbed old mole!'
25. My SO made me wear bunny ears for a set of arty photos.

Shall I tag? Why not. Here you go
Jim, Anna, and Mod. And to help them out of their blogger's block, consider yourself so tagged Splinty and Glyn.


catherine buca said...

"12. Well into my 20s my mum kept insisting on giving me £3/week pocket money."

12.1. Well into your 30s your mum still brings you food parcels.

Jonathan Traub said...

A Very Public sociologist. I tried getting in contact with you but your email doesn't work.
I am a ex Trotskyist who is interested in Sociology.
heres my email

Imposs1904 said...

"22. Spent an evening at a rave in Amsterdam in the company of Workers' Power."

That demands a blog post all on its own.

Mark Walmsley said...

12.2 There's nothing wrong with food parcels. I'd never get a decent black pudding otherwise.

25. I don't know about "made me..." I think you embraced the bunny ears. Made them your own.

Phil said...

It was 13 year ago, Darren! But I think I will. Sounds like a post for December when no one can be arsed to write anything serious. Cos let's face it, there's nowt as unserious as WP.

Phil said...

Email winging its way to you, Jonathan.

Evan said...


To jump on the bandwagon, I've also attempted to email you before. I am very interested in your thesis and the history of the British far left.

My email is: evan.smith at