Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Saj Malik for Stoke Central

Now Labourites in Stoke know who's made it through to the shortlist, Stoke Central CLP members will be pressing the flesh with the candidates, ringing around, googling their names and trying to get a sense of who these men are. We've already seen what Tristram Hunt pledges to do if he's selected and goes on to represent Stoke Central in parliament. But what about his two opponents?

Both have emailed around their letters and CVs today. Below I reproduce Saj Malik's address to the CLP. Joe Ukemenam's will shortly follow.


Dear Comrades

My name is Saj Malik and I am writing to ask you to choose me for your prospective parliamentary candidate for Stoke Central. I am a member of Unite. I have been a councillor since 2004 and have been an executive board member since 2006. I am an experienced and tireless campaigner. I opposed the war in Iraq and went on March against the war. I first joined the Labour party in 1990 and worked as a local campaigner and rejoined again in 2006. I work with Andrew Smith MP and his campaign team, which has achieved great results in last two elections against the national trend. In Oxford East we have been going out regularly and this year we spoken to approximately 40,000 people on the doorstep. I am a hard worker and experienced campaigner who will not just unite the local Labour party but will double the membership within two years.

What will I do?
Given the chance I will work hard for the people of Stoke Central and protect jobs and our Pottery industry. I will fight to keep schools located in our communities. Working with the local community and police to tackle anti-social behaviour I will be able to bring in my experience as a cabinet member for safer community since 2008. Crime has fallen in Oxford under the labour run council over the past two years. I will move to the constituency straight away if given the chance to serve you, and I will send my kids to local schools. My expenses will be on the website every month for public accountability. Especially now in these difficult times we need to help people. I will work with our Labour councillors on Stoke City Council, who are working hard to serve you. I wish to take the fight to BNP and the other groups to get majority on the council. Lets reclaim Stoke and take this historic city forward for a bright future.

Why Saj for Stoke Central?
Stoke Central is working class area, and you won't find anyone more working class than a down to earth taxi-driver who lives in council house on council estate. I am passionate about serving the British public. We often hear about doctors and barristers or other professionals who can earn more in their job than being an MP. I say to those who want to earn money please stay in your law chambers or surgeries not in parliament. We need MPs who in their hearts want to serve the British public. MPs should be the servants of the public and not be there for the money. We need to put the trust back which MPs lost during the expenses scandal and now the lobbying row. I will never take anything for granted and keep in touch all year round. I would create a grid to raise contact rate in the constituency, only requesting you one session a week on door or phone canvass, regular going out every Wednesday and Sunday. I will promise to report back to the members every quarterly in person, so you have the chance to scrutinise my progress and have your say.

Who is Saj Malik?
I was born in Pakistan, my father was a police officer who later became a Prisoner Of War during the civil war of 1971. My uncle served in the British Army. I got married to Claire Jones in 1996 at the historic church of Ewelme in Oxfordshire. We have three children.

Serving the British public is my small contribution to the country which has provided me with a roof over my head, a wonderful wife and beautiful children. Thank you.


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