Saturday, 20 March 2010

Blogging in Solidarity with BA Workers

Are you fed up with media propaganda condemning "greedy" BA workers? Are you sickened how management are given a free pass, with next to no comment on their responsibility for poisoning industrial relations at the airline? And what about the Tories opportunistically using this dispute to attack Labour's links with Unite, and the very idea unions should try and influence politics? Has that raised your blood pressure too? You're not alone - it's pissed me off no end. So in a modest contribution against the pro-management onslaught, here's a mini carnival-of-solidarity of bloggers who stand four square with the striking cabin crews.

First mention must go to the excellent Socialist Party-backed BA workers' blog, Air Strike. Taken as a whole the blog is a rolling rebuttal of management and forcefully takes up the strikers' case, carrying analyses of the
balance of forces, the shameful role of the government, a a report from the picket line and interviews with striking workers. You will be hard-pressed to find a better blog for coverage, though of course expect it to carry the SP's political imprimatur in the more analytical pieces.

Earlier in the week
HarpyMarx republished Seamus Milne's piece that highlighted the absurdity of the Tories' argument. How anyone can believe the government is in Unite's pocket is beyond me. But then the Tories aren't known as the Stupid Party for nothing. Meanwhile MarshaJane has the LRC's press release that supports the workers.

Socialist Unity has a Morning Star piece against management bullying, River's Edge relays some solidarity messages, Organized Rage looks at BA's management culture, and lastly, if you're nowhere near a cabin crew picket line, Shiraz tells us what we can do.

Edit: Also The Bad Old Days Will End yesterday asked why have the left been quiet over the strikes? I'm not entirely sure that's the case ...


TGR Worzel said...

Completely agree.

BTW Did you see last weeks "Big Question" on BBC, the subject was should there be a maximum wage.

Some posh woman was asked what people need to live on: about £50,000 she said...

ray said...

I'm not spamming honest but I did mention something of this at Bad Old Days yesterday.

Phil said...

TGR, some people haven't got a clue. When I was on jury service 18 months ago there were some who thought it was impossible for a family to scrape by on less than £500/month.

Ray - sorry for the omission. As you'll see I've fixed it.

Anonymous said...

"Are you sickened how management are given a free pass, with next to no comment on their responsibility for poisoning industrial relations at the airline?"

There is nothing 'poisoned' about an industrial dispute. We, as socialists should celebrate industrial action. Your continual drift to the right is utterly predictable Phil. Whatch this space for further capitulation.

Phil said...

You read far too much significance into small things, though I should be flattered someone has taken the time to scrutinise my language for evidence of rightist deviation.

Btw, I'd like to see you try the "we socialists ... celebrate industrial action" on the PCS picket line this Wednesday.

Neil said...

Appreciate the support Phil.