Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Joe Ukemenam for Stoke Central

... and here's Joe Ukemenam's address:

Dear Colleague

Re: Stoke Central CLP Candidacy

I write to ask for your vote and support in this selection event (1st April 2010).

For over 26 years years, I have worked very hard for our party, building its community base and supporting the candidacy of others. My strength is building and empowering communities both constituted and un-constituted groups. I have done so for over 35,000 community groups in the UK and internationally working across various thematic areas such as health, regeneration, justice system, education, enterprise solutions, environment, mediation, participation, civil and welfare rights etc.

Three things about me. I am a community leader, an influencer and an organiser with local and international experience. With my United Nations experience, I reconcile and regenerate communities that are passionately divided about various issues. I propose to bring together all my experience and skills (international, national, local, trade unionism and activism in the Labour party) and devote the required time to fight for the re-election of Labour, the issues that you care about, our public services, the defeat of facism and the Tories.

I have no special friends amongst the top, rich and powerful in our party or society. I am a committed foot soldier, who has performed even the roles of Generals and is dedicated to the mission of our people. With me, you will always know what you are getting.


· I chair the UNISON voluntary organisations branch and worked very hard to increase membership by 30%; campaign for equal pay, the million voices amongst other issues and the defeat the BNP.
· I have capacity built over 35,000 community organisations around the world and raised over £900 million on their behalf.
· I do not plan to win the seat alone.

My first priority is to keep Labour in power. The second will be to do as the constituents want me to do. If elected, I will relocate to Stoke.

Let me know if you want us to meet and or if you require further information before you are able to give me your support and vote. I sincerely hope that you will support me.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Joe Ukemenam


Brother S said...

Whatever Tristram's shortcomings, I can't take the other two seriously.Comical personal statements. Or maybe, being cynical, that was the intention. Lol.

tim f said...

Really? Although they are short on politics (Saj's statement does at least mention the war in Iraq), I could see myself voting for either of these candidates depending on who else was up in a selection.

Jim Jepps said...

Great suit there.

Of the three I've warmed to Mr Ukemenam the most I think.

Labour needs more independent minded MPs and it seems to me that Ukemenam has the potential to provide that, along with expertise in the international field.

I'd have to hear them speak to become firm on that (and obviously I can't vote as I don't live in Stoke and am not a Labour Party member).

Anonymous said...

I note that he refers to himself at times as "Sir" Joe Ukemenam. I cannot find any record that he has been knighted and would like to learn on what basis he uses this title.