Saturday, 27 March 2010

BA Strike Video

Spread this video far and wide:

Also keep an eye on the excellent Air Strike for updates from the picket lines.


Brother S said...

It's inspirational, isn't it Phil? I would love to be down there with the North Staffs TUC banner! This may become a 'cause celebre' like Grunwick!

jgw said...

I hope it's not like Grunwicks. The workers at Grunwicks were defeated.

Phil said...

I'm intrigued that some in the Labour party - who haven't a clue about trade unionism and industrial politics - are running round like headless chickens thinking the strikes will harm the government's election chances. You'd think Gordon Brown and Lord Adonis have been on the picket lines themselves cheering the BA workers on, the way they're carrying on.