Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Best Fighter Money Can't Buy

From Coventry Socialist Party:

An independent socialist voice for Coventry North East

Dave Nellist - The best fighter money can't buy!

No to MPs' Sleaze - Support a Workers' MP on a Worker's Wage

Can you help the campaign in Coventry North East?

Could you display a poster?
Could you deliver leaflets in your area?
Could you come out canvassing with us?

If you can help the campaign in any way phone or text us on 07906468797
or email us

This leaflet has already been delivered to over 42,000 houses in Coventry North East but that is just the start - get in touch and help the campaign!

Dave Nellist was a Coventry MP from 1983-92. In those 9 years he took only a worker's wage. The surplus was donated to causes which benefited ordinary people and Dave published regular reports posted to hundreds of local people detailing where the donations went.

What a difference to the bunch of careerist politicians we have in Parliament now!

Make sure you support a real Workers' MP on a Worker's Wage!

The Socialist Party has launched a financial appeal to enable it to stand candidates in the next general election and put forward an alternative to the programme of massive job cuts in public services and privatisation being promised by Labour, Tories and the Lib Dems. The main parties are all determined to make working-class people pay twice over for this economic crisis, having already bailed out the banks with £1.2 trillion of our money. The Socialist Party is in talks with leading members of the RMT transport workers' union and other organisations to discuss standing candidates as part of a wider electoral coalition that puts forward the interests of working class and young people. Such a coalition could act as a step towards the formation of a mass workers' party in the future.

Local Elections
There are also local elections in 2010. Four Socialist Party councillors will be standing for re-election in Lewisham in London, Kirklees in Yorkshire and Coventry in the West Midlands. Socialist Party members and supporters need to be able to effectively campaign to defend these positions.

High Costs
It will cost at least £2,000 per candidate in the general election, to pay for the deposit, for the election address to be delivered to every household, and to print and distribute posters and leaflets. This means that if, for example, Socialist Party members contested 25 seats a minimum of £50,000 would be needed to fund this. Therefore the Socialist Party is asking every member and supporter to pledge a donation to the election appeal, which can be redeemed by 30 April 2010. Socialist Party members have previously donated the equivalent of one week's income to help fund election campaigns, paid over three or four months, and it is that spirit of sacrifice that we appeal to now. It is understood that donations on this scale may be difficult for many people, but the Socialist Party has no rich backers and it can only rely on the party's members and supporters to finance this campaign.

Socialist Ideas
Your donations, whether it is £10 or more from a school student or £500 from a skilled full-time worker, will be vital for standing in the elections. Such contributions will enable the Socialist Party to promote its ideas to as wide an audience as possible, and discuss with workers and young people about the need to get organised, join the Socialist Party and build a socialist alternative.

Please send any donations to General Election Appeal, PO Box 24697, London, E11 1YD

To see a copy of the 'Coalition to Stand General Election Candidates' leaflet click here


Anonymous said...

Phil said...

And your bigotry is relevant to this post how?

Leftwing Criminologist said...

I notice the comrades have stolen the slogan that irish comrades used during joe higgins european election campaign

red snapper said...

Victory to Dave Nellist! What are his chances? His profile is somewhat lower than Salma Yacoob or Caroline Lucas.

Phil said...

If we're being sober about it, Dave has at best an outside chance of winning the seat. Like his ward (St. Michaels) there is a large turnover of residents which make it harder for long term work to pay off. That said campaigning proper in the constituency began in early autumn (it never ceases in St. Michaels) so there is every reason to believe at the very least a respectable result.

red snapper said...

Cheque in post and good luck! :-)

luna17 said...

It makes sense to tap into the public anger about expenses. It's something that far from automatically goes in the left's direction - cynicism is the dominant outcome, but a socialist candidate taking a principled position over democratic representatives' pay is appealing.

Derek Wall said...

I am encouraging people to support him but don't forget Caroline and Salma....I am off canvassing for Caroline next saturday weather permitting with former Labour MEP Hugh Kerr.