Sunday, 9 March 2008

More Distractions from the Class Struggle

According to Same Same Australia, these are the 50 gayest songs of all time, as voted by the public. I'm sorry, this list is just plain wrong. For starters, where the hell is Crucified by Army of Lovers? And what about these two? How can these classics not qualify?

While we're talking music, I may as well embed this week's top tunes. First is I Lust U by Neon Neon, the electro outing of Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals plus friends. It's out in a week or so.

The second humble offering is yet another early 90s rave classic. Spice by Eon is built around a sample from the yawn-inducing Dune film that hit the cinemas in the mid 80s. The movie may have been pap but this track is not. Check it out.

Last but not least there have been a few additions to the blogrolls since the last tidy up. Please visit Insurgelicious, Practically Insurgent, Violet Ink, and Greater Surbiton. But it's also goodbye to A Bit Like Lenin, which after an all too brief stay in leftyblogland has now got its feet up at the retirement home.

I also knew the AVPS policy of linking to blogs that link here would throw up a bizarre result from time to time, and it has done. For some reason a footy blog, Two Footed Tackle, has blogrolled us. Here we couldn't give a monkeys about football - beyond a very very casual interest in Stoke City and Derby County - but reciprocating the link is the courteous thing to do. Remember, if you've got a blog and you want it on the blogrolls just let me know via the comments box.


Charlie Marks said...

That Bronski Beat / Mark Almond track certainly has the gayest video I've ever seen. (And I've seen some gay videos...) How on Earth did they get away with it? I'm glad they did, mind.

My favourite fact about Jimmy Sommerville (other than that he named his 2nd group after the members of the revolutionary government of Paris 1871) is that he quit Bronski Beat because one of the other guys was voting SDP in the 83 elections and Jimmy - good communist he was - insisted all vote Labour.

Incidentally, can you believe that Marc Almond was not officially "out" until 1987 - i mean, did this shock anyone?

Phil said...

I was looking for an excuse to bring in that rumour. Good on comrade Jimmy. I wonder if he still hold to the politics of his youth?

As for the Marc Almond story, LOL!

Charlie Marks said...

I hope not, he was in the CPGB! ;-)

Joking aside, it was no rumour. As for wee Jimmy, I doubt if he's still a Marxist. Mind you, it's always nice to see red-headed reds doing well - that lovely Tilda Swinton won an oscar for her role in Michael Clayton. She's deffo still a red... alas, a member of Democratic Left Scotland, what remains of the CPGB, which still exists north of the border ( so, I suppose Jimmy could still be a member, I really can't be arsed to investigate further.)

Comrade Jimmy obviously didn't convert Marc Almond. In his autobiography Almond includes a diary written during his tour of Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union - Almond observes with some surprise, a protest against the worsening living conditions, led by the Communist Party. Haven't they just got rid of Communism, he wonders, what are they complaining about?

Phil said...

What an awful website!

I hope sister Swinton comes to her senses and gives her allegiance to an organisation not on life support.

Re: Jimmy, as something of a fan I hope he's still on our side of the barricades. Perhaps we ought to invite him to perform at the Convention of the Left or something.

Phil said...

I forgot to add Jimmy's partner-in-crime in The Communards, Richard Coles, is now a Church of England clergyman. Wonder what Jimmy thinks about that?

Charlie Marks said...

God knows! ;-)

D.B. said...

Have you seen the video for the remix of 'Fascination' by Danish group Alphabeat which is currently hot with the kids? It's the cheesiest thing I've seen for a long time. Not sure whether it's an intentional pisstake either...

Hell of a pop tune though.

Phil said...

Of course D.B. and to my eternal shame, I quite like it. We all have these lapses don't we?