Thursday, 14 February 2008

Early Spring Clean

I thought it was high time the blogrolls had a good clean. Alas, a number of inactive blogs have been tidied away. So it's a temporary goodbye (I hope!) to Incite, Action Without Theory, Burn the Witches, For a New Left Party, John Angliss, Mike Pearn, SouthPawPunch, Soviet Poster Blog, The Sharp Side, Viva La Vegan, and Caroline Hunt. Should any of you resume blogging, let me know and you'll be re-enrolled.

But luckily blogland is an ever shifting entity, throwing up delights and surprises by the day. And there's always a few stalwarts still banging away at their keyboards. Let the rolls be invigorated by a daring blend of the old and the new! Stepping up to the Blogging Sociologists plate are A Friend's Hypomnema and Rupa Huq. For the Counter-Hegemonies; Bloggerheads, Bob Piper, Chicken Yoghurt, Doctor Vee, Flying Rodent, Matt T, Ministry of Truth, Oscar Reyes, Paul Kingsnorth, Penny Red, Plattitude, and Rachel from North London have settled in. And finally, The Establishment admits Antonia's Blog, Cicero's Songs, Devil's Kitchen, Dizzy Thinks, Harriet Harman, Jo Christie-Smith, Mr Eugenides, and Tim Roll-Pickering. There's a fair few there to keep you going on with.

If you have a blog you think deserves a link let me know. The old Counter-Hegemonies could do with more socialist feminist bloggers (pref Britain/Ireland), more Trots, and more Tankies. No fash or conspiraloons thanks!

Before I hit publish post there's something niggling at me that I'd really like to know. See the category list? Can anyone tell me why it says there are two anti-war posts when in fact four posts carry the tag? Why only 15 for TV when there's 17? And how come Economics shows three when there's five? I'm well stumped.


Anonymous said...

Why not have a look at my blog when you get a chance?

It's counter hegemonic and attempts to explore political space on the fringes of typical Left wing territory. It mostly deals with Scotland and South Africa.

blackstone said...

South Africa? Sounds good to me. Check out my blog for posts about the African Diaspora.

Phil said...

Just to add, as a socialist I'm a believer in reciprocity - link to me, I link to you, and vice versa. But I'm only accepting active blogs on to the rolls, and by active I mean activity within the last month.

ChrisG said...

I've linked to you over at Smokewriting, Phil. Feel free to take a look and include me if you think it appropriate.


Daisy Deadhead said...

I just linked you! I just realized I don't have any sociologists on my blogroll that I know of!

There are several reasons for the tags getting messed up... I have isolated a few reasons, such as copying a whole line of tags and pasting them into a new post. All such tags will be "ignored" by the software. You have to CHOOSE and CLICK each one that you use (if it already exists), to be sure that it's counted.

There IS a bothersome way to correct it, go into labels and click "remove label"--then apply a new one to all of them at once. And that is a whole process fraught with confusion, too! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I had a bunch of posts not showing up under "Democratic Party" and so I just changed them all to "Democrats" for instance. Trying to add the "extra posts" under the old label, didn't work, so I changed it. You might try that, change "anti-war" to "antiwar" (has to be different) and then change them all back. Pain in the ass, I know!

I have my tag cloud set so that tags "show up" after 7 posts on any given subject. When I get to 7, and it doesn't show up, I get miffed!

Sorry for long post! Link me if you're of a mind to, but if not, I won't get upset over it. :)

marshajane said...

Hey Phil,
I got your cheque this morning - cheers mate. :)

Joseph Dubonnet said...

I will be linking you to my blog. Check me out I am not doing a sociology blog but I am a sociologist by training/education.

also how to do you set up a Labels roll? I use blogger too but don't know how to set this up.

Here is the link to my blog:

Phil said...

Cheers, you've all been added to the blogroll.

Daisy, bizarrely the tag list has sorted itself out. I have tried playing with it in the past but found that doesn't work, ho hum!

Joseph, the labels have stumped me. When you write a post the labelling should appear automatically at the base of the interface. Just add your labels and that should be it!