Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Socialist Unity Blog

If you happen to nip over to the Socialist Unity blog today, you will see my piece below on genetic determinism has also been posted on to that site. This is because Andy Newman has invited me to join the SU team, and I have accepted. But rest assured there's no intention of closing this blog. Myself and Brother S will continue to place our humble offerings before you as we have been doing for the last year and a bit. The only difference being I will from time to time double post something from here to the other place. This place will continue as home for the more esoteric stuff, like reports on academic gatherings, reflections on research, musings on Socialist Party branch meetings, etc.

To prevent this post from being too short, I've made one new addition to the blogroll this morning. Law and Disorder could be described as a left criminology/jurisprudence blog that has recently returned to life after a long break. I hope many other left blogs that have gone quiet, like For a New Left Party, Action Without Theory, Burn the Witches, Communist Students, International Rooksbyism, and Viva La Vegan (to name a few) follow L&D's lead and return to life soon!


Bluenose said...

It's good that you've been asked to join the SU team and even better that you're going to carry on blogging.
This is one of my favourite blogs and although not a regular poster, I do check daily. Do you know of any other SP/CWI blogs?

Leftwing Criminologist said...

yes, my blog is one www.leftwingcriminologist.blogspot.com, there's also The Nation of Duncan, The Left News Network, A Bit Like Lenin

adam said...

thats http://www.abitlikelenin.wordpress.com

hows that break from blogging going phil?

Phil BC said...

Haha, the break's going fine. I've found a peculiar method that keeps me chipping away at the PhD and blogging at the same time. My secret (which isn't all that fantastic actually) will be revealed in due course.

How's your break from blogging? ;)

Seán said...

I too read more than I comment.

Without sounding like I'm brown-nosing, the strength of this blog is that as someone who belongs to a specific politic grouping - you are a Socialist Party member I believe - there is very little of the petty sectarianism that bedevils the rest of the left blogsphere.

It's good you're getting a wider audience for your writing and thoughts.

Anonymous said...


couldn't resist this - you write loads on the blogs (which i generally enjoy and find v interesting) why don't you write anything for Socialism Today or The Socialist?!!

Paul H

Phil BC said...

Funny you should ask that Paul as I sent a piece down for the latest issue of the paper on the struggle here at Keele. Alas it didn't get printed. I am undaunted though - I've got plans to write a response to the Dear Leader's piece in the paper on left regroupment, and tidy up/expand on my review of the Tories trade union political fund proposals for Socialism Today.

Cat said...

Your blog is one of my favourites so i was disappointed to read that you were taking a break from blogging but it really hasn't happened and now you announce you are joining Socialist Unity Blogging. Phil - are you taking your PhD seriously? Only asking cause I care.

And on writing for The Socialist etc - more people will read this (or atleast a wider audience) than reads the Socialist

Phil BC said...

Fret not Cat, I'm about a third of the way through writing the first draft of my PhD (35,000 out of 100,000 words). Also SU isn't going to add to my blogload as anything I put on there will be a cross post.

Cat said...

Well as long as you think you are doing your work - I am only giving you a gentle reminder