Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Sleazy Beats

I couldn't let the week pass without passing comment on the AVPS top tune. Put simply, Kiko's Slave of My Mind is the filthiest slice of electronic sleaze I've encountered since the much-coveted track of the week has been running on this blog. But what makes it really special is the fusion of bleak disco with old school goth. That's right, Slave eschews your latter day goth-lite whingey emo outfits. We're talking Fields of the Nephilim here. Have a listen - just keep those razor blades out of reach.

Allow me to take advantage of this musical interlude to draw attention to who's in and who's out on the old blogrolls. Incoming are Homo Ludens, London Communists, and Ye Are Many. The Establishment welcomes Liberal England and The Wardman Wire. And the photo blogs open themselves to Paddy's and Green Ribbon's Flickr streams; and the new photo blog, Nom Nom Nom. But alas some have fallen by the wayside. Hopefully it's a temporary farewell to Broad Left, Karl Marx Strasse, Next Left Notes, Plattitude, and Workers' Control.

As ever if you have a hot and happening blog let me know and it will be added.

One last thing - the Carnival of Socialism is imminent over at Leftwing Criminologist. Check it out!


Frank Partisan said...

Thank you for the links. Some of the blogs, I haven't heard visited before.

Imposs1904 said...

Next Left Notes got the boot?

How come? Looked it last night and it had been updated.

Tom Powdrill said...

Not a bad tune. Have you heard any Black Strobe? Some of it is quite similar. The track Buzz Buzz Buzz off the album does a similar spooky bleepy kind of thing. The rest of it mixes up guitars and bleeps, Bloodshot Eyes is probably the pick of the litter. Also did a mix The Other Side of Paris which manages to crowbar a Bauhaus track in between housey stuff.

Unknown said...

Fields of the Nephilim!! Johnny come latelys covered in flour! Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, The Cure now you're talking.

Phil said...

Cheers for that Tom, I'll be checking more of their stuff out.

Rick - they're all so boring compared to the Fields. Come on, nothing they've done remotely compares to Dawnrazor or Last Exit for the Lost. They are kings of Goth, end of.

Darren, I bumped Next Left Notes off the rolls for committing that cardinal sin - of running a blog without a comments facility. I realise Neil William's Respect Blog doesn't either, but his is occasionally good for Renewal-related gossip and news, and so stays. But Neil, if you're reading this, why not open the comments?

Imposs1904 said...


I didn't realise that was the case. Must look harder.

I think there's an argument sometimes not employing a comment facility. It doesn't seem to do Normblog any harm.

Unknown said...

Admit it, it's the cowboy hats you like!

steven rix said...

I like "the fields of nephelim"!!! (preacher man, or the remix "never let me down again"). I'm usually more into grunge or gothic metal (Therion for example) or psychedelic music.

Foxessa said...

"Make my funk da P-Funk
I gotta get Funked up!"

George Clinton rules.

Though at the moment I'm listening to Hank Williams. A local university radio station is doing a country, bluegrass and blues marathon this weekend.

Love, C.

Phil said...

Rick, you've got me bang to rights!