Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Strange Maps

Sorry for not updating as frequently as I should - I am stuck with blogger's block. I blame the PhD myself. My brain's preoccupied with stuff about research methods and the like, so I don't really feel like holding forth on the usual eclectic mix of topics. That said once it does clear up something on sex and sociology is due to appear, along with a couple of TV-related musings, a little bit of Trot catastrophism and perhaps something about the next Stoke Socialist Party branch meeting.

In the mean time I have to share this wonderfully original blog with you. Strange Maps is, well, all about strange maps. If you have a mania for obscure cartography I cannot recommend it enough. The picture (above left) is one example of what you can expect, so check it out!

While I've been idle posting-wise, the blog roll has been updated. Allow me the opportunity to welcome Climate and Capitalism, CNWP Blog, Sadly, No!, and The Mustard Seed to the counter-hegemonic bloc of blogs. Remember, if there are any good socialist blogs I've missed let me know and they will be duly added.


Leftwing Criminologist said...

what a weird and interesting blog - however, i feel i should point out that the link doesn't work

Phil said...

Cheers for that LC, I got my o and w mixed up! All is sorted now.

Ms Chief said...

I used to live in South Africa - it took two days and a night to go from Johannesburg to Cape Town by train. I lived two hours from the local school which is like Edinburgh to Newcastle!! (but there weren't roads for some of it so probably just like being in the Borders). Africa is massive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


that was partly because of the slowness of the rail service in SA, same journey can be made in 12-14 hours by coach.


A brilliant website, immediately added to my 'favourites'.


Ms Chief said...

Yeah, it wasn't very fast but still took a long time and it is a massive country! When I lived in South Africa it would have taken longer by road than it currently does due to lack of motorways (early 1980s)

First worldists don't think about the size of other countries and usually think of them as insignificant to Western Europe and Northern America

blackstone said...

Wow, i actually intend on doing a write up soon how and why Africa is portrayed so small on maps.

olching said...

I like it. A good and poignant map.

Jack Stephens said...

Thanks for the link. :-)