Wednesday 20 March 2024

Midlands Conference in Critical Thought, 5th-6th April 2024

Remember this abstract on Keir Starmer and the resistance his government is likely to face? The lovely people organising the Midlands Conference in Critical Thought have accepted my paper, and that will be taking place on Saturday between 4pm and 5.30pm as part of the Cultural Resistance in a Time of Economic Stagnation panel.

Rather than getting a fix up of blog posts from this place, I will be using the Hardt and Negri stuff on immaterial labour that's all over these parts, and something new by applying Maurizio Lazzarato and his contributions around machinic enslavement to make sense of Starmerist modernisation, its gaps, and where it can come undone. And all in 20 minutes. I might not even get time to plug the book!

The conference, hosted by the Centre for Policy, Citizenship, and Society and the Department of Social and Political Sciences at Nottingham Trent University is free to attend. But the organisers ask interested people to register here. It is a multi-panelled event with a very large programme, so I recommend signing up so you can see what else is on offer. I also hope to blog about some of the papers in due course.

Hope to see some of you early next month!

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