Tuesday 9 November 2021

The Limits of Artificial Intelligence

I have something bubbling away on revisiting Donna Haraway's Manifesto for Cyborgs. Until then here's something from Politics Theory Other in which Alex interviews Kate Crawford about her latest book.

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BCFG said...

I dream of a world, which is surely not far off, where I take a shit, the toilet reads the information (as part of the flushing mechanism) and in hologrammatic form an advert pops up for say, KFC or McDonald's (hey Ronald, let me at least pull my pants up! haha), or if you are a Guardian reader, foie gras on toasted brioche.

This could be extended to read your shit for medical reasons too, this would make the Guardian reader feel less guilty about the advertising.

Israel could even develop it to potentially read the DNA in order to spot a terrorist fugitive, so as soon as the flush happens, an alert is sent to the CIA and maybe the toilet explodes or sends out a drone which destroys the house/block/village.

Connecting the toilet system to such a network is surely the next step in the civilising mission.

For a Marxist (of sorts) evaluation of this, see here: