Tuesday 1 June 2021

Five Most Popular Posts in May

Where have the last five months gone? Why, as sentient beings, are we cursed with a perception of time that accelerates as we get older? It's annoying, but here are five items that occupied more time from more people than any other posts made in May.

1. On Keir Starmer's Stupidity
2. 10 Points on the 6th May Massacre
3. On Entitlement
4. "Shoot the Mad Dogs!"
5. Kuenssberg to the Rescue

Keir Starmer's worst month yet? Yes, it undoubtedly was. Normally accurate forecasts are a moment for smug self-satisfaction, but there is no feeling good about calling his leadership right and seeing the divined outcomes manifest in the most damaging ways possible. If anything, it's appalling. When a sad sack blogger with time on his hands in the evening could see the unnecessary difficulties Labour were likely to get themselves in, then how come the "professionals" and "grown-ups" couldn't see it and, arguably, still can't? Delusion, structural and institutional blindness, wishful thinking, these are responsible for the malaise. And they happen to be the qualities most prized by the new leadership. As for the rest of us disgusted by the spectacle and appalled by the existential peril Dear Keir is dragging the party into, which is the bulk of this place's readership, it's hardly a shocker three posts on this and a supplementary on the Whince of Darkness did the business. And because Laura Kuenssberg always does well on this blog clicks-wise, there she is at the end providing Boris Johnson some BBC-branded cover.

As June is an empty canvas or, as far as I'm concerned, a blank posting interface, who knows what might crop up? Perhaps my piece on immaterial labour, connectivity, and solidarity might get finished. Perhaps, just perhaps, writer's block has well and truly sodded off. It's possible, but moving from Anti-Oedipus onto A Thousand Plateaus could generate some musings in this direction as well. You have been warned. To keep things ticking over, here are a couple of might-have-beens from the May archive for your scopophilic tendencies. Take a look at this peeling back of the Blairist garb. Want more? Go on then. As encore we peer behind the veil of Tory thinking and learn the secret of their success in the so-called red wall seats. At least according to one Tory who thinks he has the golden ticket.

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Hello Phil, you might like to read our analysis of the Hartlepool disaster and what Labour should do.


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