Friday, 1 June 2018

Five Most Popular Posts in May

What were the month's most popular posts according to audience figures? Well ...

1. Labour Friends of Israel
2. Enemies to the Left
3. Understanding the Local Election Logjam
4. Jon Cruddas and 'Blue Marxism'
5. Marx and the Fragment on Machines

Understandably, my blog addressing Labour Friends of Israel's apology for murder attracted most of the attention. And how helpful of them to have gone ahead with an organised jolly for a bunch of Labour MPs. Only an outfit with a moral deficit as deep as Nentanyahu's well for liquid cynicism could have thought it fine and dandy to have gone ahead with the trip. And ditto for the MPs involved, including the "lovely" Andrew Gwynne. Nothing, not even the massacre of unarmed protesters can be allowed to come between a MP and their junket.

In other news there was my piece about the SP's sectarian stance regarding affiliation to the Labour Party. Well boys, and they're nearly all boys, I hope you're proud of yourselves. You managed to help prevent the RMT from rejoining Labour and despite the warm words about "aligning" with the party and so on, the Pythonesque TUSC gets to carry on for at least another year. Also scooting up the ladder was the local elections analysis and, true to form, the commentariat and mainstream politics excelled in demonstrating how bewildered and clueless they are. And last of all were the pair of pieces defending the new left against Jon Cruddas's recent discovery that Marxism exists and he, apparently, is one.

Plans for next month? No clue. I'd like to write more but we'll see. Before signing off then, here's the post getting the second chance treatment. Let's look again at what Ireland's abortion vote means for loyalist politics in the north.

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