Thursday, 1 June 2017

Five Most Popular Posts in May

Here's what did the business last month.

1. May vs Corbyn: The Verdict
2. Explaining Laura Kuenssberg's Bias
3. What is the Dementia Tax?
4. Emmanuel Macron and Neoliberalism
5. A Note on the Labour Vote

Goodness me, what a month. Even with an election looming I wasn't expecting huge numbers. Then again, given what's happened during the course of May, the start of the month is a foreign country. Overall, we saw just shy of 126,000 page views last month, making it the third best ever. Can these fortunes continue? Well, whatever happens in the election in eight days' time there will be plenty of things to discuss and analyse. There will be fall out for the Tories. There will be fall out for Labour, and I'll be there sifting through the bones and looking and what could happen next.

Turning back to May 2017 for the last time, is there anything here that deserves a second look? I'm going to throw two your way. The first takes a break from politics, well, politics here by looking at the relationship between economic anxiety and Donald Trump. The second is an examination of the gross exploitation of tragedy by assorted commentators and social media wannabes.


Lidl_Janus said...

There'll be fallout for the polling companies, too, perhaps especially YouGov, given that they've gone ahead with 538-style projections in this election. Although if they're right, some remarkable things happen.

Right now this includes Lincoln going Labour (which would mean Karl McCartney, the idiot whose response to the CPS case was to blather on about anti-Tory bias in the Electoral Commission, is out), and Sheffield Hallam also going Labour - which means Sheffield, for the first time ever, goes solid Labour a la Manchester or Liverpool.

Phil said...

Trying not to hope - especially after today's IPSOS-Mori that sees the Tory lead collapse from 15 to 5 after they've applied the usual weighting. Without it they put Labour on a three point lead ...