Wednesday 1 February 2017

Five Most Popular Posts in January

The five most read posts in January were:

1. The Left Unity Masturbation at Work Debate
2. Goodbye to Tristram
3. A Political Guide to Stoke-on-Trent Central
4. Paul Nuttall in Stoke
5. Stoke-on-Trent Central Labour Long List

It's basically been Stoke month on the blog since Tristram Hunt announced his resignation from Parliament. As I've been saying since this blog's inception, Stoke-on-Trent is the city around which the nation's politics revolve. And now I have the audience to back up this truism. January 2017 weighed in at 133,000 page views, an average of over 4,000 per day. Or, between you and me, this blog's best ever figures. I would be very pleased if it turns out I haven't peaked already this year, but we shall see.

Yes, it's my front row seat at the Stoke Central by-election circus that's to blame. And in February you can look forward to further reportage from the campaign trail as well as my analysis of the coming result. Labour are looking strong, but I remember my resolution to cease venturing predictions. The big winner, however, is the republishing of the "classic" Left Unity masturbation at work debate. Truly the most bizarre - and telling - debate certain sections of the left have engaged in in recent years.

I won't be letting you off that lightly. Getting the second chance treatment for January is my meditation on Living Dead Liberalism. Seeing so many liberals fawning over Ken Clarke for his speech in Parliament against Brexit sums up their bankruptcy.


Anonymous said...

You can do what you want with your bodies, including killing unborn children?

So no, if we're talking pure morality, as the Left primarily do, then no. You can't have full control of your bodies if you think children get in the way so much that they must die.

Phil said...

Someone didn't read the post.

David Parry said...


'You can't have full control of your bodies if you think children get in the way so much that they must die.'

Wrong, arsehole! The right of someone with a uterus to not be forced to directly provide their body for the benefit of a potential (or actual) other person, and to undergo all the physical and emotional hardship of pregnancy, against their will, trumps the 'right to life' of a fetus. If you think otherwise, then quite frankly, you're a scumbag and I have no time for you whatsoever.