Monday 19 October 2015

Quick Notes on Lord Warner's Resignation

Baron Norman Warner. Who he? I can't be the only politico who scratched their head as news came through that Lord Warner resigned the Labour whip in the Lords this evening. So here are some very quick notes about a resignation few are likely to notice.

1. Lord Warner was ennobled under His Royal Blairness in 1998 after years as a career civil servant. He served in the Department of Health between 2003 and 2007, and was one of those charming Labour people who took Dave's shilling to look at social care funding for the elderly. In 2013 Warner broke the party whip and voted with the Tories and LibDems to open up the NHS market to practically any willing provider. And in March last year, Warner called for the introduction of some NHS charges. With views like these, why has his resignation been so long coming?

2. Dave and co. are facing up to their most difficult week since their fear-mongering won them the general election. The collapse of the steel industry while the government sit on their hands. Awkward questions of the Chinese state visit. Cuts to working tax credits. Opportunities aplenty exist to put them on the back foot, so excuse me for adopting a conspiratorial turn of mind as an unknown peer resigns at the very moment the Tories could desperately do with a bit of a distraction.


Unknown said...

Spot on analysis!
Who he, and why so long?

Gary Elsby said...

Broken hearted.
Vote Jeremy.

treborc said...

He is a nobody who is now a somebody, all because he resins, but from what labour of course.

He has taken all this time to resign because Corbyn is elected, he did not come into labour to have a bloody lefty in power he came in to have Blair, the bloke is as shallow as they come but he is now an ex labour person, who will fight for the private sector to gain the NHS.

Who the hell cares what can one say about him, he's what labour became, second rate, and as labour fights back lets hope a few more like him disappear.