Saturday 24 October 2015

Adam Rickitt - I Breathe Again

I'm blaming Howie of Howie's Corner fame. T'other day he posted a Dannii Minogue track to the Book of Face that, much to my shame, I was quite into at the time. That got me thinking and remembering the occasions over the last 20 years where artists, and I use that term advisedly, who are naff, awful, and (ugh) mainstream who nevertheless made credible interventions into the dance scene. At least that's the story I told myself when I came across something good from this quarter.

Here's one such example. This soundtracked the summer of 1999 as I slaved in a factory over components for the Rover 75. Adam Rickitt was as far from "credibility" you could get. Even I was arguably way cooler. He was then famous for starring in Corrie and having a chiseled bod. His later work - shilling for the Tories as a celebrity guest on Question Time - is perhaps something worth noting and passing over. I Breathe Again made a reasonable dent on the charts, and rode the wave of mainstream trance/dance that made the year one of the greatest ever. And why not as it's a great little tune. So here I am throwing it down for your consideration

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