Wednesday 9 September 2015

Will Stoke City Council Stand Up for Working People?

This Thursday, the Labour Group will be putting a motion about the 2015 Trade Union Bill to full council. Proposed by my friend Cllr Olwen Hamer, if adopted Stoke-on-Trent City Council will set its face against proposed changes to strike ballots and other attempts to undermine the capacity for workers to seek redress through collective action. These include letters of authorisation and giving pickets' names to the police.

One can expect the Tories to vote against this. But how about UKIP, will they stand up for elementary democratic rights of the working people they represent in the council chamber? And as for the City Independents, I might not think much of them but at least some of them should still carry the flicker of Labour values in their hearts. Are they going to stand for the interests of the people who voted them in? Will they show that Stoke's motto - Vis Unita Fortio (United Strength is Stronger) are more than just words?

Please find the text below.

“This council notes the impact of the 2015 Trade Union Bill in making the right to strike significantly more difficult and making it easier for agency workers to be used to undermine legitimate strike action. Furthermore, it aims to introduce legislation which could potentially criminalise pickets and also limit the time allowed for elected union representatives to carry out their trade union duties.

In view of this, I call upon the whole council to unite to defend the democratic rights of the working people of this city and call upon the Leader of Stoke-on-Trent City Council and the ruling administration to write to the secretary of state to demand that the bill be abolished.”

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Anonymous said...

Great article; Corbyn's economic policies energized me. Though I would add to your Cooper analysis problems of 1) elitism; including her lack of speaking out against her partners bilderberg activities to distance herself from his unaccountable elitism. 2) Ed Balls baggage; that is to say people who have problems with Ed Balls (probably very unfair but existing) 3) Her annoying eye popping "sincere face" passion and hectoring (This is probably a personal subjective view) 4) This one's a bit like Burhams did you know I'm a northerner, are you aware that Cooper is a woman? 5) This one goes for Andy (some of the time at least) and Liz too: Insulting those sympathetic to Corbyn's policy ideas by saying or implying they are crazy to think such policies can work; I mean why would anyone vote for someone who insults you in such a way?