Saturday 12 September 2015

Labour Leadership Election Results

1st round

BURNHAM, Andy    80,462 19.0%
COOPER, Yvette     71,928 17.0%
CORBYN, Jeremy 251,417 59.5%
KENDALL, Liz           18,857 4.5%

Jeremy Corbyn wins outright

TOTAL CAST 422,664 votes, 207 spoiled ballots


Facing Reality said...

Now more socialists like me are thinking of joining

Gary Elsby said...

Phil, come and join us on the left 😄

50% of the Labour Party can't be wrong. That was my theory from the outset as Jeremy made the ballot paper.
Even I'm amused at how accurate this is.

Tristram Hunt must resign and leave Stoke.

Phil said...

Corbyn won 49.6% of the membership vote, 57.6% of the affiliates' and 83.8% of the registered supporters'. People are already saying it's the registered supporters' vote that gave him his majority, but this is patently untrue - if all the supporters' votes had been excluded, he would still have won on the first count, with 51.4%. If the vote had been restricted to full members he would have been 1,011 votes short of an overall majority - he might even have managed that on transfers from Liz Kendall and would certainly have done it with Burnham transfers in the third round.

Also, Andy Burnham got 26% of the 'affiliates' vote; this makes him the only candidate apart from Corbyn to take over 25% of the vote in any category. Burnham and Cooper together took less than 45% of the members' vote.

I've got to admit I'm (pleasantly) surprised; I thought the overall figures would be more like the membership votes, with Corbyn taking two or three rounds to come through. It's a convincing win all round.

In the immortal words of William Whitelaw, "Mustn't gloat. Bad form to gloat. Mustn't do it. No, no, no. Well, I can tell you, I'm gloating like Hell."

Speedy said...

Yeah, and you won't be the only one gloating, I can just imagine the grins across the Tory shires.

You are quite right however that Corbyn won legitimately. Let there be no doubt that this was the point that the Left - and not just the lunatic fringe - gave up on power and chose protest.

Over the years, as Tory cut follows Tory slash, and the rich get even richer (you sure ain't seen nothing yet) and Labouristas moan and groan, the obvious riposte will be - well, you voted for it. You turkeys did actually vote for Christmas, so don't dare complain about getting stuffed.

Gary Elsby said...

Speedy, Tories are past masters and sport a few hundred years of cuts and more cuts and racking up debts for this Country.
Their new found scare is re branding cuts as austerity and blaming Labour's rebuild programme as proof of culpability.
Let's forget about a world economic downturn and let's forget Gordon's duty to re balance the funding and let's forget George dong just the same.

Again I've said from the outset that austerity is a political choice and spending our way out of debt is another one.
I'm pleasantly surprised that Jeremy is now on record as suggesting the same (I'm doing well so far).

I look forward to seeing this play out, I look forward to witnessing the Corbyn vote being whipped by the Tory BDSM worshippers but I do warn that Neil Kinnock's support across the party was quite phenomenal on the way to losing.
A swallow doesn't make a summer.

Tristram Hunt must take John Precott's advice and leave politics.
Stoke-on-Trent has been found out and someone is having a laugh that none gave support to Jeremy.
I guarantee you that Jeremy would and should have been supported by Stoke Central.