Tuesday 1 September 2015

Five Most Popular Posts In August

Most popular last month were:

1. Jeremy Corbyn, Stalinism, and the Cold War Boilerplate
2. Who I Voted For Labour Leader
3. Gordon Brown and Power
4. Why I Am Voting For Jeremy Corbyn
5. Some Questions for Jeremy Corbyn

Yes, we've made it through August and it's still Jeremy-fest as far as the blog's concerned. Not that I'm complaining, it was the third best month ever page view-wise. Were it not for things happening in real life sapping my bloggerly energies, a few more posts could have seen it do even better.

There's very little chance of this changing in September. In less than a fortnight we'll have a new Labour leader and whether it's Jeremy or not, politics is going to get very interesting. There's that, the party conferences, and any number of events due to intrude upon public consciousness. And your humble scribe will be there to chronicle it all.

What's my second-chance pick of the month? More Corbyn, I'm afraid. Much has been made of Jeremy's lack of leadership credentials, and some are forecasting doom and gloom. However, in this piece, I suggest there are a number of factors that might dampen down any open revolts in the Parliamentary Labour Party.

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