Thursday 23 July 2015

Remembering Charlie

Sadly, our feline comrade left us today. What can I say about Charlie? In the 15 years he shared our lives he terrorised our ankles, wrecked a few sofa covers, and smothered us in a welter of ceaseless purring. Our Charlie, sometimes affectionately known as 'monkey' and 'shitbird' among other epithets not suitable for a family-friendly blog, was always a lively presence. In fact, he's one reason I began blogging. Many moons ago he too toyed with the idea of writing a blog - Charlie was to concentrate on the frivolous, nonsensical stuff while Gerald, his tail (don't ask), was going to weigh in on heavy duty political issues. However, as Charlie and Gerald had certain limitations, such as lack of opposable thumbs and facility for language, we had to step in and make their dream real.

The house doesn't feel the same without him, but he'll always be here. 20 years from now his cat hairs will still be turning up.

Goodbye Charlie. We're going to miss you very much.

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maggiestanfield said...

Hey, cats are forever really...I've got 2, one is 4 and the other is 20. The latter is a bit ragged and untidy these days but as sweet and purrful as ever.